Don’t Be a “Donkey”

“But a stupid man will gain understanding as soon as a wild donkey is born a man.” – Job 11:12

“What a … donkey!”

For some reason this phrase just doesn’t carry the same weigh as it would if the more vernacular substitute was used. “Donkey, the Movie” probably would not have been very popular either (not that the original won any awards). A person who, through intentionally flawed judgment and foolish behavior, reveals the intelligence of a donkey is, well, … yeah, one of those.

So, why be one? Why not gain some understanding and maturity and sensibility?

While it is certainly possible for a person to obtain God’s wisdom, yet not apply it (which might still make one a “donkey”), it is almost assured that one’s behavior and actions will reveal some glaring flaws without it. Truth be told, we are all born with the capacity to behave improperly … to make foolish decisions … to act like an idiot; however, armed with God’s wisdom and empowered by His grace we can also manage to avoid such errors, at least most of the time (wink, wink).

Don’t … be … a … donkey.

Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. – Will Rogers

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