He Wants That!

In the same way, therefore, every one of you who does not say good-bye to all his possessions cannot be My disciple. – Luke 14:33
While I am certainly not a “health-wealth-prosperity” preacher, I have no problem stating that the life of a Christ-follower should lead to greater health, wealth, and prosperity. You just need to be sure that you measure the three on God’s scale and not man’s. Why?
Jesus made it clear that we must not measure our worth by the abundance of our possessions; not that there is anything wrong with “possessing,” just that a disciple must be willing to walk away from his ‘stuff’ (say, “good-bye”) in order to walk beside the Savior. Supernaturally, there should be no struggle in this, because those of us who are eternally-minded know that there is nothing we truly “possess” anyway.
Inevitably, God will ask you to release to His care the very thing you hold most dear (person, dream, or possession). The question is what will you do when He says, “I want THAT!”
When our Savior drove the sheep and oxen out of the temple, He did not drive them into His own pasture; nor sweep the coin into His own pockets, when He overturned the table of the money-changers. – Thomas Fuller

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