Head-Takers vs. the Heart-Keeper

The king immediately sent for an executioner and commanded him to bring John’s head. – Mark 6:27


I confess that when I read the story of John the Baptist’s death, it makes me both sad and angry … at least, that is my first reaction. The thought that such a great man of God might die at the whim of a vindictive woman just seems wrong, until I remember an important truth.

Herod may have taken John’s head, but Jesus already had his heart.

This world has the ability to take many things from us: our health, our relationships, and our wealth (just to name a few), but the heart that belongs to Christ is untouchable. So, give your heart to Jesus. Follow Him wherever He leads. You, like John, might lose your head, but God’s grace will keep your heart secure for all eternity.

The man who will not act until he knows all will never act at all. – Jim Elliot

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