Turn ON the Lights. The Party’s Over.

The water rose over my head, and I cried out, “This is the end!” But I called on your name, Lord , from deep within the pit. – Lamentations 3:54-55


Ever had a pity party?

Depression is no laughing matter (okay … that made me chuckle), but many pity parties are just laughable. We feel sorry for ourselves for any number of reasons … some may grant some justification, but most do not.

The deepest pit I have ever experienced was when my brother died back in 1991. I didn’t fall in it until a couple of weeks after the funeral, but I sure fell. By God’s grace and truth, I eventually emerged. The second greatest “trough of despair” came about due to our unexpected return to the USA from overseas service. Though I had struggled from time to time with the change in direction, I finally plunged headlong into despair when I realized that my ministry hopes and dreams had come to a crashing conclusion. Despondent at the time, I wrote … “Fried and flayed, amazed it’s been paid, here I sit by the tumbling brook, waiting for the whisper.” It took me a couple of agonizing days, but God threw me a truth rope (I heard the whisper) and I climbed out.

I wish I could say that the way out of a pit is easy, but it just isn’t. Apart from His truth, it is impossible. Yet, if you turn on the “light” … the clarity that comes from His Word … your personal “party” can end.

The “rope” is there. Grab it.

Hope is a waking dream. – Augustine

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