Sticking Together

Your wives, young children, and livestock may remain in the land Moses gave you on this side of the Jordan. But your fighting men must cross over in battle formation ahead of your brothers and help them until the LORD gives our brothers rest, as [He has given] you, and they too possess the land the LORD your God is giving them. You may then return to the land of your inheritance and take possession of what Moses the LORD’s servant gave you on the east side of the Jordan. – Joshua 1:14-15


Two and one-half tribes of the Israelites decided to take possession of the land (thereby claiming an inheritance outside the promised land) east of the Jordan River. Therefore, when the other tribes prepared to cross to the western side, Joshua reminded the former group of their responsibility to help or aid in the victory yet to be won. Even though the eastern tribes had already established their own homeland, this did not mean they were exempt from helping their western countrymen obtain theirs. They would have to engage in the fight in order to share in the victory.

Not a single person stands alone within the Body of Christ. Perhaps today you are winning the fight of faith and it seems your brother or sister is not. Tomorrow might be your day to fall while your brother or sister stands. What is your responsibility when you are experiencing the victory and yet your extended family is engaged in a great battle? Do you stand back and think, “Hey, I did it, now you need to go do it by yourself”?

I hope not. Your “Jericho” may come today or it may come tomorrow, but it will come and when it does you will need the Body of Christ as much as it needs you.

If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately. – Thomas Paine

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