Spreading Doubt

Is the land they live in good or bad? – Numbers 13:19


On multiple occasions, God told Moses about the difficulties the Israelites would face once they entered the Promised Land. He also reminded Moses repeatedly that He would be with Israel in their struggles and would indeed give them the victory, if they remained obedient to His laws. With these assurances from God, why then did Moses feel it was necessary to send twelve spies to reconnoiter the land prior to their entry? Why did Moses doubt the “goodness” of a land that God had already said would be “flowing with milk and honey?” Could it be possible that the doubt and fear expressed by ten of the spies (upon their return) was rooted in Moses’ questions?

One of the most important characteristics of a leader is confidence. Some might say it is confidence in self, but it is not. A leader’s greatest strength is confidence in God and His Word. The leader who trusts God in Christ is a fortress and worthy to be followed. On the other hand, the leader who doubts God (and these doubts are revealed by His actions), should never be surprised if those following begin to doubt God as well.

Leaders, be humble when it comes to your own abilities, but be confident about God’s … and beware of spreading doubt.

Beyond a doubt, truth bears the same relation to falsehood as light to darkness. – Leonardo Da Vinci

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