This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and reliable and one which enters within the veil, where Jesus has entered as a forerunner for us, having become a high priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek. – Hebrews 6:19-20

As the old hymn states, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.” Christian hope is much different than the world’s hope. The hope of this world is more like a wish or desire. “Earth-dwellers” hope that things will work out for their good, but have no assurance that they will. Believers, those who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, those who have been made new by the regenerative power of the Holy Spirit, “heaven-dwellers,” are fully assured (in fact, certain) that things will work out for God’s glory and ultimately their good.

The writer of the letter to the Hebrews would go on to state, “Now faith is the certainty of things hoped for, a proof of things not seen.” In times of great personal or global uncertainty, those who claim to know Christ should bear such knowledge in ways that are attractional. Anchored souls that are not moved by every whim of public opinion or moved to panic by every headline will draw those who are drowning to themselves.

Let us be reminded this day that we do not hope in an uncertain fate. Rather, we rest securely in a certain, Risen Savior.

God’s reckless grace is our greatest hope. – Timothy Keller

Published by Dr. David Pope

Dr. David Pope is the Founder and CEO of Pope Initiatives. ARM Solutions is a division of Pope Initiatives that exists to activate collaborative efforts for sustainable impact among the global unreached.

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