Church Consulting

We can help you “activate” your church’s desire to reach the nations.

While most local communities of Christ followers have a passion to see this world reached for Christ, they would benefit from some experienced guidance in how to do it efficiently and effectively for God’s glory.

Our founder, Dr. David Pope, has served in local churches across the U.S. for two decades and understands how difficult it can be for a church to find the right partners (denominational, or not) and maximize the stewardship of the tithes and offerings its members.

Through a series of consultative meetings, we will:

  1. Help your church increase its missional passion.
  2. Help your church identify its missional scope and direction.
  3. Help your church define its missional practices.
  4. Help your church increase its missional budget.
  5. Help your church accomplish its missional goals.
  6. Help your church own its missional strategy.

Let us help your church!

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