Our Partners


In a strategic alliance with SRG, POPE Initiatives provides direction, management, coordination, and support for the Middle East/North Africa/Pakistan Unreached People Group Initiative … a ten-year, $90 million effort designed to see biblically-healthy churches form and multiply among 90 UPGs (that speak 30 different languages) across 15 countries.

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We are partnering with the American Bible Society (and their National Bible Society partners in five countries) for Scripture translation and engagement projects across the Greater Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan.


In partnership with multiple Bible translation agencies, Biblica committed an act of radical generosity in placing their Arabic, Urdu, and Farsi texts within Creative Commons. In addition to the benefit this gives us in translating the Scriptures into multiple languages spoken by the unreached, their insights into effective methodologies of Bible distribution are enhancing Bible engagement.