Collaborative Initiatives

Activate. Reach. Manage.

ARM Solutions is a ministry of Pope Initiatives that exists to activate collaborative efforts for sustainable impact among the global unreached.

This is accomplished by partnering with indigenous church leaders working among the unreached, gathering together like-minded ministries that would consider (and give evidence of) collaboration, and putting together an integrated approach that eliminates duplication of effort and waste of resources.

“The entire ARM team is in love with Jesus and a pleasure with which to work. Kingdom professionals, they have a genuine passion to reach people and advance Christ’s work. Possessing decades of experience, they are also missions experts, comfortable dreaming big, but also able to back up those dreams with effective strategies and actions. As a leader, David brings a pastoral heart, a true skillset in managing complex collaborative projects, and a genuine love for God and people. Highly competent, but truly compassionate for the people of the world, that is ARM Solutions.”

Michael Thompson, One Way Ministries
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