Pope Ambassadors

Pope Ambassadors serve for two years and during that time, you will receive:

Materials to help communicate the need, progress, and goals of our effort.

Regular updates via email.

Occasional voice or video calls to allow for collaborative input and response to questions.

As an Ambassador, you agree to:

Pray weekly for our leadership team, our ministries, and the global unreached.

Invest strategically with a financial gift toward operations.

Generously and annually introduce at least 4-6 people to our organization.

Contribute expertise, addressing challenges and opportunities as appropriate.

Participate, either through attendance or presentation, Activation Summits (when offered).

In return, Pope Initiatives will:

Continue to aggressively advocate for an obedient, unified response to Christ’s global Great Commission.

As well as, value your partnership by:

* Not abusing your time or generosity.

* Stewarding God’s resources well.

* Keeping you informed on important events.

* Communicating goals and results in order to honor you and your network.

Thank you!

On behalf of Pope Initiatives, we are only as effective as our valued partners. Our collaborative efforts will bring together Christ’s church with its multiplied gifts to accomplish the purpose for which it endures, His kingdom come for His greatest glory!

For more information on becoming a Pope Ambassador, please contact Dr. Pope at david@popeinitiatives.org.

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